We provide the following service for the customer.

AGI Annual Support & Upgrade Agreement 

  1. Product Support
    The technical support by AGI’s engineer through telephone and/or e-mail.
    ・Technical problem analysis
    ・Installation assistance
    ・Best practice
    ・Integration with other software
  2. Product major/ minor update.
  3. License transfer from the registered machine at license purchasing. (max. 3-time in a year)

LSAS Premium Support

  1. Product Support
    The technical support by LSAS’s engineer through telephone and/or e-mail in Japanese.
    ・Software operation and setting support
    ・Providing Japanese document in technical information for product

LSAS Premium Support Plus

LSAS Premium Support Plus is a special support service from LSAS for customer.

  1. Product Support
    ・Analysis support using AGI”s product
    ・Providing Japanese tutorial document
    ・System integration and development support
    ・3D model creation service
  2. Invitation to regular training
    ・We invite customer to fundamentals and comprehensive training. (number of license = number of invitation)
  3. Installation support
    ・Install and setting support on-demand
    ・Paper work between customer and AGI